When it comes to inflammation of the body, our Atlanta, GA, team can treat this type of condition through a variety of methods. Bursitis is a somewhat common condition. At Preferred Chiropractic, we treat bursitis with the chiropractic care that your body may need.


What Is Bursitis?

Bursitis is a painful inflammation that develops around bursae - the fluid-filled sacs that surround your muscles, bones, tendons, and joints. This condition's symptoms will manifest through painful swelling, redness, and a restricted range of motion. Bursitis often occurs in the shoulders, elbows, knees, feet, and hips - areas where a buildup of pressure is likely to develop.  Unlike arthritis, bursitis is a short-term irritation that can be easily managed through the right plan of chiropractic care.

What Causes Bursitis?

The most common cause of bursitis is wear-and-tear from repetitive motion. If you're an athlete with a sports injury, you're likely to experience flare-ups of bursitis by repeatedly performing certain physical tasks. Your bursae can also become damaged by an infection. 

Management and Treatment for Bursitis

Before visiting a chiropractor for a remedy, you can find relief for this condition at home. Self-care for bursitis could include the application of a heating pad or an ice pack. You could also use a splint or a brace to separate the injured area from the rest of the body.

Should you decide to seek chiropractic care from a professional, you have the option to use a variety of corrective exercises that can help repair the body's range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments are also used as a form of treatment for bursitis. Our goal is to give you natural treatment for your bursitis so that you can avoid needing to take medication or needing surgery. Ask a chiropractor on our team about how our natural care can help prevent more invasive procedures.

Get Diagnosed and Treated in Atlanta, GA

A chiropractor on our team will first start care for bursitis by looking at your medical history. We may ask questions about when your condition started developing what you were doing around that time. We may also ask about your daily routine. We may also perform a limited physical examination to determine the extent of your condition. Once a diagnosis for bursitis is reached, you can then discuss the different treatment options with the chiropractor.

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