If you could take a look inside your body, you might see what looks like really thick cords that attach your muscles to the bones, which are your tendons. Your tendons allow you to do everything from running to picking up things to just moving around. If a tendon rips or tears, it can be a devastating injury that requires surgery and extensive rehabilitation. 


In other instances, however, things happen to those tendons that, while painful, are not as dramatic as rips or tears. They still need some treatment, though. It is important to understand what these conditions are and how they are caused. 


Tendinitis happens when those cords become inflamed. While it can be caused by an injury, it usually happens if you repeat a motion over and over. One form of tendinitis is also known as “tennis elbow,” because tennis players usually swing the racket the same way over and over, which can cause tendinitis.

You will typically feel the pain around the joint, and it may be tender, too. Usually, you can rest the affected area for a while and then slowly ramp up your activity. A chiropractor can also work to fix this. 


When people notice the symptoms of tenderness, pain, and lack of flexibility, they tend to think that it is tendinitis. Chances are good that it is actually tendinosis, which is when the collagen of the tendon degrades over time due to repetitive motions. 

The tendon can become scarred and thickened over time. That lack of flexibility will also lead to ruptured tendons. You need to move quickly when it comes to getting treatment for it. Fortunately, many people can recover from this condition. Rest is essential for healing.  

When you see a chiropractor for this condition, they can do things like spinal manipulation to help your pain and inflammation go down. They are very skilled, know how the body operates, and are familiar with which joint needs to be worked on. 

It can be very annoying when your tendons start acting up and everyday activities and motions become an exercise in frustration. While rest is important, you also need to be proactive and seek care to help you fully recover.

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