Leg Pain Treatment

Alleviate Your Leg Pain with Chiropractic Care

You must immediately take action against your leg pain, and we at Preferred Chiropractic & Wellness can provide the solutions you need. Visit our clinic in Atlanta, GA, and we’ll work on curing your pain. Discover why your leg is hurting and how our chiropractor can help by continuing with this article. 

Leg Pain Treatment

What Is Causing Your Leg Pain?

Understanding the cause of your leg pain is the first step to addressing it. Bones, muscles, and soft tissues comprise your legs, and it can be difficult to figure out the root cause of your injury. There’s a good chance you’re dealing with sciatica if the pain affects the area from your lower back to your calves.

Sciatica is often not an issue localized to your leg. Instead, you’re likely suffering because a spinal disc pinched your sciatic nerve. You have to focus on treating that personal injury if you want to resolve your case of sciatica.

The specific type of discomfort you’re experiencing could also be knee pain. Your knee may be hurting because you hyperextended it while playing sports. Running can also hurt your knees, especially if you go longer than usual.

A case of osteoarthritis could also explain your knee pain. People typically experience the effects of osteoarthritis when their joints have been exposed to excessive wear and tear.

How Will Our Chiropractor Treat Your Leg Pain?

Our treatment session will begin with diagnostics. Our chiropractor will ask questions about your medical history and current condition. We will also examine the specific issue causing your leg pain.

After identifying the issue, our chiropractor can begin treatment. We can use chiropractic adjustments to treat patients with sciatica. An adjustment is beneficial, because it can change the positioning of the spinal disc, pinching your sciatic nerve.

Is knee pain the main cause of your leg discomfort? If so, our chiropractor can adjust the bones and soft tissues around your knees to alleviate pressure. We can also use massage to stimulate the soft tissues around your knees, so they can recover.

Before you leave, our chiropractor can also give you diet and exercise tips to help you lose weight. Losing weight will lighten the strain on your legs and reduce your discomfort.

Secure Treatment for Your Leg Pain Today!

At Preferred Chiropractic & Wellness, we specialize in treating leg pain and other similar issues. If you’ve been dealing with that issue for a while, you can visit our Atlanta, GA, clinic for treatment. Contact us at (404) 888-0666 to book your appointment and say goodbye to your leg pain!

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