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  • The only way I can really do this place justice is to walk you through my experience, because it was positive from start to finish!

    Firstly, I'd never been to a chiropractor before and I was more than a little nervous, but if you have chronic back pain you get to the point where you're willing to overcome nerves if it means relief so I called on my way to my clinical site. The woman at the front desk, Amanda, has the most pleasant disposition. She was very helpful and even texted me the information I needed for my visit because I was driving and couldn't write it down. Scheduling was prompt! I called on a Tuesday (I think) and was seen on Friday. The facility is immaculate and gorgeously decorated. There was even a great musical ambiance playing. I was greeted by an equally sunny in person, Amanda. Sensing my nerves, she talked with me while I waited the short time (I think 5 minutes) to be seen and it really calmed me for my visit. In walks Dr. Moran who is equally as sunny and has an obvious passion for the wellness of her patients. She was incredibly patient explaining the process and educating me on what I needed to do to improve my health. She spent about 15-20 minutes with me just going over my medical history and general day to day activities that may have exacerbated my back pain. By the time we actually got to the adjustment part I already trusted her expertise 100%. The trust was well invested. Dr. Moran is excellent at what she does! The adjustment was completely painless. I walked in with a stiff tensed back and glided out to finish the rest of my day.

    I can't recommend them enough! Please go there if you're like me: super busy and super stressed. They aren't just good for the body. They're good for the soul! Will definitely be using them as my home for all chiropractic care in the future.

    - Candice B.
  • This review is for Dr. Moran, not her physical practice (because I've never been to the actual space). But because she's a miracle worker and I've been her patient, I wanted to write this review! It's long, but I'm an idiot, so I did a bunch of stupid stuff that necessitated this novel.

    Okay, so I bought this weird, sofa bed thingy from Ikea and while it was comfortable in the store, once I was sleeping on it regularly, I realized my back was hurting. I've never had back problems, so this was definitely a strange and not at all pleasant development. But it wasn't until one morning when I went to sneeze and literally threw my back out and fell onto the floor in pain and spasms (it was like something out of a sitcom- so ridiculous) that I KNEW I had a serious problem. But, me being me, I lived with it until the universe sent me yet another warning sign.

    So, a few months pass and although I'm not sleeping on the weird, devil bed thingy, my back is still hurting, particularly the lower back. I took so much Advil I actually ran out of a bottle of 500 in a pretty short amount of time. One day, a package I ordered arrived and when I went to open the door with the box in my hands, my back let out an unholy scream, the likes of which I've NEVER experienced. I honestly thought I'd have to go to the hospital, the pain was that great.

    What to do, what to do. I crawled into my bed and prayed. Seriously. A few minutes later, I checked my email and it seems that someone was listening to my prayer. I saw an email from my school's health center saying that Dr. Moran was going to be on our campus. I sent her an email immediately explaining my situation and asked for an appointment, which she graciously accepted.

    The next day, I met Dr, Moran. She did a complete evaluation and then went to work. She told me what she thought my problem was and did a whole bunch of things to get me back to 100%. I honestly didn't have much hope, simply because I was in sooooo much pain, but she worked and worked and then my appointment was finished.

    I'm not joking, I floated out of that office on a damn cloud! I didn't even feel the ground under my feet. It was heavenly. Better yet, after the euphoria wore off, I realized later that night that I was, in fact, PAIN FREE. For the first time in over a year. I couldn't even try to make my back hurt. It was like something out of a dream. I did yoga for the first time in many months. I can't even explain how I felt. I actually got my life back.

    So, thank you Dr. Moran for working a small (major) miracle in my life. I'm happy to report that it has been several months and I have been PAIN FREE ever since. Even after doing more stupid stuff!

    - Ayesha N.
  • Love this place. My neck and back have a mind of their own, and it's nice to know that I'm in good hands when getting adjusted. I've been to quite a few chiropractors over the years, and this is the first place I've never felt pressured to adhere to a daily/weekly/monthly office visit regimen. Dr. Moran gives great advice on how to keep yourself aligned and how to stretch and Amanda always does the best job booking an appointment as soon as possible. Honestly, if it weren't for these lovely ladies I wouldn't have my head on straight!

    - Ginger D.
  • You know how you have a friend that you can just ask, "Do you know a good ________"?, and they'll point you in the right direction? Well, Dr. Moran was that "good chiropractor" I was referred to. Turns out Dr. Moran and Amanda weren't just good, they were amazing. From the first call with Amanda, I felt welcomed and accommodated. Dr. Moran is awesome. She really cares about how you're feeling and your improvements. I was having a nagging pain in my knee and some neck pain after a car accident. Dr. Moran got me on the road to recovery, and I feel much better. Dr. Moran was very informative and helpful during the claims process. Just awesome. Now, if anyone ever ask me if I know a "good chiropractor", I know where to send them.

    - Vanessa S.
  • I love love love Dr. Moran. I was her patient when I was on my student insurance plan. When I graduated I found out she was an in-network provider for my new insurance and I made an appointment and have been going ever since. She is an awesome chiropractor and her front desk receptionist is the sweetest. They take the time to talk to you about any issues you may be experiencing and offer recommendations to aide in your healing process. The office is clean and inviting and they always have nice relaxing music playing in the waiting area.. Not to mention the essential oils in the air just add to the ambiance. I could write forever about Dr. Moran. I recommend her to everyone I know. She's the best!

    - A.W.
  • I visited Dr Muran's office a few days ago and had my first adjustment ever. I had been experiencing ongoing hip pain and was a bit skeptical about going but turns out it was the best decision I could have made for myself. My alignment provided instant relief and I learned so much about how I can prevent future problems. Dr Muran is super knowledgable, friendly, and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Her office staff is friendly and accommodating as well. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend Dr Muran and her expertise to anyone in need.

    - Stephanie S.
  • I own a fitness studio and having resources like Dr. Moran is very important to me. My clients often need expertise that I do not have. Dr. Moran is an excellent chiropractor, has treated many of my clients and she is one of two people that I recommend in confidence.

    One chiropractor has a non-traditional approach and I jokingly call him master sensei and Dr. Moran grasshopper. The truth is that they both are very good in their own way.

    Dr. Moran has a more traditional approach. You can make an appointment, she takes insurance, she has up to date equipment and stays on top of the techniques that enable her to have a positive impact on the health of a client.

    When you are working towards improving your health, you want all of your resources to be in alignment with your goals and working together. My clients see her, she (with client permission) gives me insight from her perspective, as to what the client needs to improve their condition which often involves pain. She has been invaluable with her feedback and her recommendations get results.

    I know from personal experience and from my clients feedback that Dr. Moran has a great bedside manner. She is funny, very knowledgeable and capable as a chiropractor. As one review stated, "There is knowledge and skill, and then there's talent; she is a master of all three." She is a straight shooter and will tell it like it is.

    You can't go wrong with Dr. Moran. I recommend her to anyone in need of a health care resource. You will not be disappointed.

    - Delta B.

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